Binance Smart Chain Project

The First Decentralized Tokens
Against the Violence,Hacks or Rugs on the BSC

Are you tired of projects without a future? Us too. That is why we created Stop Violence Project, a project backed by knowledgeable and experienced members of the crypto community who say STOP to Violence like rugs, scam or hack.

SViolence Token (SVY) It is not just another BSC Token. With our Smart Contract, each transaction has a 7% fee. 2% is burned forever, increasing the value of the token by reducing its number.
The remaining 5% is distributed among all current holders. Always.

  SVY Contract: 0x93af74C2DBD8C6bb2D2914C243e0271781A5F465



Stop Violence Project has very ambitious targets with a mid-term / long-term roadmap, check it some of the features that will come:

Violence Begins

Deployment of the SVY token

SVY Token deployment. Pre-sale and sale.
Deploy hardware/software to ensure safe operations.
Create website and social media.


Start your engines

We know, hear and evolve

We launch SPC Token for trading among our Farm-Pool site.
Now, our site will be the center of The Violence Project with new visual and performance aspects.



Just for SVY Holders

New Token Airdrop

All SVY Holders will receive an aidrop of a new Token (SFD) equivalent to the SVY Balance that they hold in their wallets to open Lootboxes containing lots of crypto prizes

2 Quarter 2021

Collector's Edition


Stop Violence Collection

With our new powerfull site fully deployed, its time to collect. The NFT (Non-Fungible-Tokens) era has come and we will offer some collections to buy with SVY Tokens. Until launch, the collection will be secret. But it will be related to the idea of the project.

2 Quarter 2021

Our project is your project


Market manipulation is over. Investors have the control of the currency, due to its capitalization, SViolence is safe from large organized manipulations.

Fully Scalable

Our smart contract allows you to obtain a quickly return on your investment. The holders that they don’t sell their benefits will have the opportunity to multiply it.

High Growth

This project was born from small investors and its for all investors class. Our roadmap starts in the middle term and it does not end in the long term.

Binance Smart Chain Partnerships

The Binance Smart Chain community is just beginning to blow up and we don’t want only bring SViolence Token to the Moon. We are working on Official Partnership which we will be able to announce soon.


Questions and Answers

Listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic.

What is the usefulness of SVY (SViolence Token)?

SVY is the token around which the entire project revolves the main currency and which is the one that supports the entire environment generated. It serves to obtain benefits in all the new functionalities and is the reference token that consolidates the entire project.

What is the usefulness of SPC (SPeace Token)?

SPC has been our second token generated to carry out trading and obtain returns. Its main functionality is token trading and speculation so that SPC buyers can make a profit based on their strategy

What is the usefulness of SFD (SFidelity Token)?

SFD or Sfidelity is a new token that is going to be created to reward all the effort and all the patience of the SVY community. It will be a token that will not have a quote as such. 40% of the Supply will be distributed to SVY holders at a certain time. Days later there will be a pre-sale for people who have not been able to acquire it, and the funds raised will be to finance the prizes of the new Lootbox functionality

How many SFD will they give me if I am an SVY holder?

As SVY HOLDER you will receive an amount of SFD proportional to the amount of SVY you hold. The exact amounts of SFD they will receive are yet to be defined. Very soon it will be explained

Will I be able to buy SFD?

The team's recommendation is to acquire SVY, since the more SVY you have, the more SFD you will have. Once the SFDs are delivered there will be a public SFD pre-sale for people who have not been able to take advantage of the opportunity.

Do I need SVY to buy SLV (SLove Token)?

No, in this case it is not necessary. SLV can be purchased in a public pre-sale. Of course, they are thinking of ideas of how to benefit SVY holders so that they can buy SLV cheaper.

SLV will not have a price either, that is, it will not be listed?

No, SLV, Slove will be listed. Remember that you will be able to acquire second quality NFTs and the exchange token for said transaction will be the SLV.

What are LootBoxes?

Lootboxes are a system of reward boxes that you will have access to if you are an SFD holder. You can acquire SFDs in 2 cases: if you are an SVY holder and the acquisition during the pre-sale. From the team we recommend the first option, buy and hold SVY.

What will the LootBox prizes be and how many will there be?

Mainly there will be two prizes in the Lootboxes. Prizes in BUSD up to 3,000 BUSD (which may increase depending on the success of the SFD presale) and a new token called SLV - Slove. Surprise NFTs are being contemplated.

Once the LootBoxes are finished, what do I have to do with my SFDs?

Nothing. You will only have to worry about spending all the SFDs on the Lootboxes functionality since this will be their only use.

Which SPeace SPC farms are going to come out?

In addition to the farms already available, in the future we will launch new farms through association with other tokens. This is yet to be defined, the team is working on gathering the most beneficial tokens for the community. We are contemplating voting among the entire community so that you can decide which farms to include in the next update.

What is the function of the NFTs going to be? How to buy it.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token, or non-fungible token), certifies that what we are acquiring is completely original, even though it belongs to the intangible world of digital. The first quality NFTs will only be available to SVY holders and the exchange token will be the SVY.

What is the NFTs showroom?

It is a room where all the NFTs of the project will be displayed. There the community will be able to vote for the best who will be the ones that will go up for auction.

What are Vaults about and how can I access them?

Vaults with huge APYs for SLV and SPC holders. These Apys will increase the more NFTs you have.

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